Gerald BAST

      born 1955

      Austrian, married with the artist and social designer Cornelia Bast (





2010 - present        Lecturer and author on art, innovation, science and society

2000 – 2023            University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria, President (Rektor)

2008 – 2018            ELIA - European League of the Arts, Member of Representative Board                 

2015 - present         European Academy of Sciences and Arts, member

2014 - present         Editor-in-chief, book series "Arts, Research, Innovation and Society" at Springer International Publisher

2013                         European Union, Brussels: Member of the Roundtable on "Scientific Support for Jobs, Growth & Solidarity, Cultural and Creative Industries", organized by the European Commission

2013 - 2019             Forum Alpbach, Member of the advisory board

2013                        Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany: Head of the committee for institutional evaluation and development, organized by regional government

2012 – 2013            University of Public Administration and Political Science, Bucharest, Romania: Member of the EU-funded institutional evaluation team, organized by the EUA - European University Association

2012 - present        Institutional Evaluation Programme of EUA –European University Association: Member of the Pool of Experts

2006 – present        “Journal for University Law, University Management and University Politics” (Zeitschrift für Hochschulrecht, Hochschulmanagement und Hochschulpolitik): member of the Scientific Board

2004 – 2015            Austrian Rectors’ Conference (Universities Austria), Vice President

2004 – 2015            Speaker of the Rectors of the Austrian Universities of the Arts

1992 – 1999            Ludwig Boltzmann Research Society, Vienna, Austria:  Consultant for legal and organisational affairs

1991 – 1999            Federal Ministry for Higher Education and Research, Vienna, Austria: head of the legislative department for university law and university management

1987 – 1999            Federal Academy of Public Administration, Vienna, Austria: Lecturer for  university management, university law and constitutional law

1981 – 1999            Federal Ministry for Higher Education and Research, Vienna, Austria:  Civil servant

1979 – 1980            County Law Court for Upper Austria






2018                              Grand Order of Merit in Gold for services rendered to the             Republic of Austria awarded by the Austrian Federal President

2015                              Full Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts

1981                              Federal Academy of Public Administration, Vienna, 


1974-1979                    Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

                                      studies in Law and Economics, finished with 

                                      Doctor of Jurisprudence (Dr. iur.)

1966-1974                    Bundesgymnasium Ramsauerstrasse, Linz, Austria

1962-1966                    Primary School, Linz, Austria



LECTURES (selected)

  • European University EUDRES - Forum, FH St. Pölten,"Future Universities. Mission, Skills & Relevance", September 2023
  • Symposium "Radikale Universität", Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien, "Die Universitäten zwischen radikaler Veränderung und gesellschaftlicher Irrelevanz"(Universities between radical change and societal irrelevance),  Juni 2023
  • ZKM Karlsruhe, Symposium Renaissance 3.0, "Wissen ist Macht? Kreativität ist Macht!", März 2023
  • European Forum Alpbach Technology Symposium, "The Art of Radical Change", August 2021
  • Geidai University Tokyo,"Art and Society" November 2019
  • EURASHE Annual Conference, "Higher Education Innovation", Budapest, Mai 2019
  • University of California Los Angeles, "Art-based Research. Fueling the Creative Revolution", Los Angeles, USA, April 2019
  • Nanyang Technological University Singapore, High level Roundtable, "Artificial Intelligence for Humanity", Singapore, March 2019
  • Higher Educatiion Authority of Ireland,  Future Focus Forum, "Higher Education Innovation", Dublin, February 2019
  • National Gallery Singapore, "Is public Art Subprime Art?", invited lecture, April 2018
  • Nangjang Technological University Singapore, "The Future of Higher Edication in the Digital Age", invited lecture, April 2018
  • Biennale di Venezia, Symposium Nexus Art, Science and Technology, "Art, Science and Technology, How They Meet", Venice, January 2017
  • Kuwait Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, International Conference "Heading Global": New Paradigms for Education and Culture in the Digital Age, November 2016
  • University of Porto, International Conference "Thinking the Future" (togeter with Cornelia Bast):  Art-based Futures, October 2016 
  • Columbia University New York, Teachers College, The role of Art Education in the Digital Age, February 2016
  • Österreichischer Wissenschaftsrat, Jahrestagung, November 2015, "Kunst und Forschung - Idee und Wirklichkeit"
  • Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, Auslandskulturtagung, September 2015, "Von der Kultur der Kreativität"
  • HongKong City University, School of Creative Media, March 2015: "Public Space beyond Architecture - Art and Public Awareness", Symposium "Art and Public Space" 
  • Parsons New School of Design, New York, USA, December 2014: Panel "Victor Papanek and Beautiful Visions of Failed Systems - Will Design Education Meet the Challenges of 21st Century societies?"
  • EU-China Cultural Dialogue, Bucharest, October 2014: Public Space beyond Architecture
  • University of Auckland, National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries, Auckland, New Zealand, April 2014: “Creative Innovation Societies Need Specialists in Despecialization!“
  • Dunedin School of Art, Dunedin, New Zealand, April 2014: “Art.Science.Innovation."
  • TongJi University, Shanghai, China, March 2014: „Education, Creativity and the role of the Arts in Societal Development“
  • Joint Research Centre, European Commission, Brussels, October 2013, Roundtable "Scientific Support for Jobs, Growth & Solidarity: Cultural and Creative Industries"
  • Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies, June 2013: It’s Art and Culture, Stupid!
  • Lalit Kala Akademi, Indian National Academy of the Arts, New Delhi, February 2013: Trusting in the Power of the global Languages of the Arts
  • European League of Institutes of the Arts, Biennial Conference on Science and Society, Vienna, November 2012: Arts and Art Schools in Contemporary Societies -  About Wild Animals and Zoos, Money and Ideas, Changing Relations and Shifting Proportions
  • European Culture Forum, Brussels, October 2011: Art and Economy: Partnership and/or Competition
  • Tsing Hua University, October 2012, Beijing: From Maintaining Traditions towards Shaping the Future – Redefining the Role of Art Universities
  • Conference commemorating the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between India and Austria, New Delhi, August 2009, Cultural Heritage Counts - Cultural Heritage as Teacher and Basis for Social Development.
  • Oskar Kokoschka Prize Ceremony for Yoko Ono, Vienna, March 2012: Warding Off the Danger of Getting Frozen in the Ices of Technocracy and Indifference
  • European Forum Alpbach, August 2010: Bridging Arts and Science in Higher Education
  • University of the Arts Belgrade, December 2011, The role of Art Schools in Changing Societies
  • Congresso Universidad, Havanna, February 2008 : Producing Change is the Mission of Art and Higher Education 
  • Moholy-Nagy University of Art And Design Budapest, 2005: Keep the Space Open that Utopia would fill



Leadership by communication and enthusiasm

Four times re-elected as President of a renowned university (and still in an upright contract) is evidence for the success of this concept.


Passionate confidence in the power of education and creativity

After almost 35 years of professional experience in higher education I am more than ever convinced that education – and in particular education for creativity –is the basis for individual well-being, societal progress and economic prosperity.


Regarding tradition as challenge and invitation for development

At the Federal Ministry for Higher Education I was responsible for drafting the legislation for major university reforms in that times.
As President of the University of Applied Arts Vienna (UAAV), an institution with a great tradition of almost 150 years, I planned and implemented numerous new programmes in teaching and research:

·      TransArts,
· Artistic Writing,
· Art&Science,
· Social Design - Arts as Urban Innovation,
· PEEK (a 2-mio.€ annual grant programme for artistic research by Austrian Research Fund),
· Pushing UAAV to no1 research grant winning Austrian Art Unversity
· Edition Angewandte (UAAV University Press with 60 books published in the last 5 years),
· Art,Research, Innovation and Society (book series edited at Springer International),
·      Angewandte Innovation Laboratory (